By Walter Camp.--Two Harvard Men, Fisher and Wendell, on First Eleven.

In the current issue of Collier's Weekly, Walter Camp of Yale announces his selection of the All-American football teams for 1911. Two Harvard men, R. T. Fisher '12 and P. L. Wendell '13 are given places on the first eleven. L. D. Smith '12 is selected for one of the ends on the second eleven. Yale and Princeton each contribute three men to the first team, while on the three elevens combined Yale has seven players, Princeton four, and Harvard three.

The three teams selected are as follows:


Ends--White, Princeton; Bomeisler, Yale

Tackles--Hart, Princeton; Devore, West Point.

Guards--Fisher, Harvard; Duff, Princeton.

Centre--Ketcham, Yale.

Quarterback--Howe, Yale.

Halfbacks--Wendell, Harvard; Thorpe, Carlisle.

Fullback--Dalton, Annapolis.


Ends--Smith, Harvard; Very, Penn State.

Tackles--Munk, Cornell; Scully, Yale.

Guards--Scruby, Chicago; McDevitt, Yale.

Centre--Bluethenthal, Princeton.