Captain Brooks Will Conduct Military Science 3 and 4 -- Bixby Was in Charge of C.C.C. Work in Vermont

Replacing Majors White and Jones whose detail expired last June, Edward H. Brooks, Captain, Field Artillery, and Lawrence B. Bixby, Lieutenant, Field Artillery, have been assigned positions as instructors of the Harvard ROTC unit.

Captain Brooks, who will be in charge of Military Science 3 and 4, was a letterman at Norwich University, graduating in 1916, serving in the Third Division Field Artillery overseas where he was promoted form lieutenant to captain. He holds the Distinguished Service Cross. Before coming to Harvard he was stationed at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

After a year at Brown, Lieutenant Bixby entered West Point, where he was graduated in the Fall of 1918, going to Germany with the 7th Field Artillery in the Army of Occupation. He was formerly with the Madison Barracks at Lake Ontario, until last summer when he was placed in charge of CCC work in Vermont. After graduating from Camp Knox School of Instruction in 1920 he spent the following year there as instructor. At the University of Chicago he was an instructor of the ROTC unit, and "in charge of the largest bass drum in the world."