Bingham Denies Mermen Kidnaped Handsome Dan

Advises Farmer Athletes Are Not Connected With Affair

William J. Bingham '16, Director of Athletics, today advised Malcolm Farmer, Director of Athletics at Yale, that he had interviewed Captain Edward E. Stowell '34, Manager Robert B. Murray '34, Coach Harold Ulen, and members of the Harvard Varsity swimming team, and that all of them had assured him that they knew nothing of the mysterious disappearance of the Yale bulldog mascot, "Handsome Dan II."

After a complete investigation of the activities of the swimmers while they were the guests of the Yale Athletic Association at Ray Tomkins House, the dormitory used by visiting teams, Bingham pronounced himself satisfied that the Harvard athletes are not involved in the dog's disappearance. He said, "I hope that if any Harvard undergraduates have taken the dog, they will consider that good judgment and a sense of sportsmanship dictate that the dog be returned immediately."