The search for Handsome Dan has kept New England buzzing for almost a week and has been featured by numerous amusing incidents. Within the environs of Cambridge, Charles Apted and his cohorts have carried on a courageous but fruitless search which has carried them into the furthest reaches of the University, and sent them scurrying in all directions at the slightest rumor. It was expected that the Colonel would neglect his dog hunt on Tuesday in favor of the Eliot Centenary Exercises, but when the crowd gathered in the court of Eliot House for the unveiling of the new bust of President Eliot the noted sleuth was not to be seen. Everything was very dignified and nobody in the solemn gathering seemed aware of the Colonel's absence. Silence fell over the group as they prepared to listen to the speech of presentation. The Colonel was still not present and it seemed that for the first time in many years an important college function would pass without the grace of his genial presence. A moment before the speech was to begin a slight rustling was heard on the edge of the crowd and those who watched closely saw detecting at its very height. The worthy Colonel emerged most silently from the bushes, sneaked up to the statue and peered under the veil. Apparently disappointed he dropped it back into place and crept off. The search goes on.