Commuters Will Hold Dance In Dudley Hall This Evening

Music Will Be Provided by Alden Porter and Orchestra

With Alden Porter and his orchestra furnishing the music, members of the Non-resident Students' Center will hold a Thanksgiving Dance from 9 to 1 o'clock tonight in Dudley Hall.

Headed by Forrest T. Foss '37, the dance committee includes Eliot Alter '38, Joseph Franklin, Jr. '38, M. Alden Porter '37, Richard O. Ulin '38, and Herbert H. Walley, Jr. '36.

The dance will be held in the spacious dining room of Dudley Hall, which has been decorated for the occasion with evergreen trees, streamers, and wall decorations.

The list of patronesses includes the following: Mesdames Arthur N. Holcombe, Charles W. Dugig, Frederick C. Packard, and Adolph W. Samborski.

Tickets will be obtainable at the door at $1.25 for stage and $1.50 for couples.