Trio Arrested In Dorm Theft

Three Middlebury College freshmen were arrested yesterday for allegedly stealing property worth $2000 from Business School dormitories Saturday night. The three admitted raiding rooms at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Brandeis University as part of a fraternity initiation stunt, according to police.

Included in the loot which reportedly comes from the graduate dormitories are typewriters, radios and electric clocks. Books, cocktail shakers, records, and clothing were also found in the students' car when they were arrested in Wakefield cemetery, police said.

James McKeon, the police sergeant who arrested the three freshmen, was at the cemetery on another assignment when he claims to have found the students drinking beer around their parked car. En route to the Wakefield police headquarters, the trio, which was following McKeon in their car, reportedly tried to throw two typewriters from the auto.