'Club 47' Moves To '47 Palmer'

The Club 47 has moved from its 47 Mount Auburn Street building to roomier quarters on Palmer Street, near the rear of the Coop. But though the address has changed, the name will stay the same--the site will be known as 47 Palmer Street by the consent of Cambridge officials.

Club 47 officials hope to expand their activities in their new site. They plan to go into a number of new fields.

"Perhaps the grandest of our plans is a restaurant which will serve daily luncheon of exotic foods," the manager said. "We're shooting for Dec. 1 as the date to have this in operation. When we do, we'll serve all the things that no one else in Harvard Square serves--everything from octopus to Shrimp Louis."

The Club also plans to stage a morality play sometime late this year, with children playing all the roles. The nightly folk music concerts will, of course, continue in the new location.