Four in Hospital, 40 More Treated

Four people--including one Harvard student and a policeman--have been hospitalized for injuries received during yesterday morning's raid on University Hall.

University officials declined to release the name of the student who has been admitted to Stillman Infirmary "for observation" or the extent of his injuries. Dr. Preston K. Munter, assistant director of the University Health Services, said yesterday that he was "doing as well as can be expected, which is well."

Munter called the policeman "the most seriously injured of all."

Two women, neither of whom were affiliated with Harvard, were admitted to Cambridge City Hospital this morning, according to hospital officials, who termed their condition fair.

In addition, 40 people--19 at Stillman and 21 at Cambridge City--were treated for injuries received during the raid and released. Four of those released from Cambridge City were policemen. Fifteen of those treated were demonstrators who had been arrested during the raid.

"These injuries are less serious than you get skiing," Munter said. "Virtually all of them were just minor lacerations--although if it is your head it isn't minor--contusions, and so forth. There were things being said from the steps of Widener that simply weren't true," he added.