Protest Planned For Graduation

A group of senior women demanding a one-to-one admissions ratio for Harvard and Radcliffe met yesterday to plan a Commencement protest.

"This is an issue about which all women-and we hope most men-can agree," said one of the organizers. "The question is not whether or not Harvard's admissions procedures are discriminatory, but what we can do about it."

Commencement Symbols

The form of the protest-still open to revision, the women at the meeting agreed-will ask women to wear a silk-screening of the Women's Liberation symbol and a 1-1 or equal sign pinned to the backs of their Commencement robes. Men will be invited to show support by wearing the 1-1 or equal sign on their robes.

The silkscreenings will be distributed along with caps and gowns.

"It's important to involve as many women as possible in this protest," said one woman after the meeting. The group is attempting to avoid individuals being labelled as leaders or chairwomen by using their names for quotation. "We're going to hold another meeting soon to arrange details, and to formulate a leaflet explaining our position," she added.

A group of those present also agreed to try out collectively for the still-open position of Class Day speaker.