Carey Elected N.Y. Governor; Javits Downs Clark for Senate

Rep. Hugh L. Carey (D-N.Y.), receiving broad-based popular support, won a landslide victory over incumbent Governor Malcolm Wilson last night, as Democrats took control of the state house for the first time in 16 years.

Sen. Jacob K. Javits (R-N.Y.), a three-term veteran, bucked a statewide Democratic tide by easily defeating former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark. Javits's margin, however, was considerably smaller than in his victory six years ago over now New York City Council President Paul O'Dwyer.

Carey, whose running mate state Senator Mary Anne Krupsak becomes the first woman lieutenant governor in New York history, said in his victory speech last night, "This is a celebration of a homecoming, the Democrats finally came home tonight."

In New York congressional races, Democrats picked up at least three seats from Republicans. At press time this morning, Democrats had captured 25 seats, Republicans 10, and four--three of which are now held by Republicans--were too close to call.

Democrats also wrested control of the State Assembly for the first time in 10 years, although Republicans retained their majority in the State Senate.


Incumbent Attorney General Louis J. Lefkowitz held off a surprisingly stiff challenge from Bronx Borough President Robert Abrams, winning a fifth term in Albany.

In the race for Manhattan District Attorney, Robert Morgentau trounced interim D.A. Richard Kuh, who was appointed in February to fill out the unexpired term of the late Frank Hogan.

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