Crimson Cash Expands Offerings

Henrietta’s Table now offers option to pay with Crimson Cash

Whether hankering for gourmet brunch, or just flush with extra laundry money, students and Harvard ID holders can now use Crimson Cash to pay for meals at Henrietta’s Table restaurant at the Charles Hotel.

Adding variety to the long list of Harvard Square establishments already accepting Crimson Cash, Henrietta’s Table specializes in “fresh from the farm and honest-to-goodness New England cooking,” according to the restaurant’s website.

Alex Attia, general manager of the Charles Hotel, said he is excited about the expansion of payment options to include Crimson Cash.

“We’re very happy to have this service available to students,” Attia said.  “A meal at Henrietta’s Table is a great way to make students feel like they are at home, and Crimson Cash helps bring the two together.”

Offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Henrietta’s Table is probably best known for its weekend brunch buffets, particularly popular with visiting parents.

The restaurant may appeal to those looking to support local farmers with their dining choices—Chef Peter Davis favors products grown using sustainable agriculture, and eschews ingredients that have been genetically modified or engineered.  He also offers a list of the local farms whose produce he uses on the Henrietta’s Table website.

Although the ability to pay with Crimson Cash is useful for many students, some say it would only marginally affect their dining habits, generally preferring to pay with cash or debit cards instead.

“I never use Crimson Cash for anything besides laundry and printing,” Collin A. Rees ’12 said.

—Staff writer Katherine M. Savarese can be reached at