Nwokike and Kim Aim To Bridge Gap Between UC and Student Body

Jennifer Y Yao

Historically, political campaigns have chosen theme songs about topics like hope and change.

But Chika-Dike O. Nwokike ’15 and Una Kim ’15, campaigning to run Harvard’s Undergraduate Council, prefer songs that are a bit less predictable.

Vice-presidential candidate Kim said her current favorite band is Yelvis, whose recent song “Massachusetts” may be an anthem for Harvard students.

Presidential candidate Nwokike’s choice of campaign song? Any song by Kanye West, he said.

These choices of songs that resonate with students today reflect Nwokike’s and Kim’s desire to bridge the divide between the UC and students.



Kim and Nwokike first met on the UC’s executive board during their sophomore year. Kim said that Nwokike impressed her as competent and congenial.

“People on the council immediately recognized him and all the great things he had done at the time,” Kim said.

Kim also made a lasting impression on Nwokike, as someone who is capable and pleasant to be around.

“I always had a really deep admiration for the work that Una did on the council,” Nwokike said.

The two have remained friends since, and they believe their separate strengths would help them lead the UC.

“We have a balance,” Kim said. “Dike is a visionary and steps hard into each game; I’m detail-oriented and focused on logistics.”

Nwokike echoed her. “I have larger goals and see larger things. Una can build a very detailed road map for how we’re going to get those things done.”

In addition, as the two of them laughed together, they said that their interpersonal relationship is key to their work. As Kim put it, “It’s important that we like each other.”

The duo also points to the diversity of their backgrounds and academic experiences.