Queen’s Head Pub Hosts Parties for Each Class Year

Queen's Head Pub
Casey M. Allen

Thursday night at the Queen's Head Pub

The Cambridge Queen’s Head, a student-operated pub, is hosting parties for students from each class year in an effort to create more College-sanctioned social events for undergraduates.

The events mark the first time the Queens Head, the Annenberg-basement venue, has organized events specifically for sophomores and juniors. The pub has hosted parties for freshmen during Opening Days and events for seniors, such as senior bar.

Though targeted to certain graduating classes, the events are open to all undergraduates.

Queen’s Head manager Shelby L. Raglan ’13 is spearheading the initiative, which emerged from conversations she had this summer with the Office of Student Life and the Undergraduate Council.

“We really badly wanted to give opportunities for students to come back and have a social event, or a place to hang out, that was... pretty easy to program, but would also help build community among some of our students,” Raglan said.

She said she thought the sophomore and junior events were worthwhile, though their turnouts were low.

“For me, any time I get students in the space it’s successful,” Raglan said.

Sophia M. Kaufman ’18, a junior who attended her class party, said despite the low attendance, she appreciated the pub’s effort to bring students together.

“I think that the premise of having something to bring our class together is really amazing and really nice, and there’s not a lot of time that we get to all spend together,” she said.

UC Vice President Daniel V. Banks ’17, whose election platform last year emphasized promoting inclusivity on campus, said he is excited to see the Queen’s Head develop broad programming.

“The Cambridge Queen’s Head Pub is one factor in a larger College discussion on how do we open social space,” he said. “And I think that the pub can be instrumental in creating inclusive events for the student body.”

He credited Raglan and the pub’s student managers with doing “an incredible job of coordinating with the Office of Student Life and the Undergraduate Council to get as many students in there as possible.”

Assistant of Dean of Student Life Alexander R. Miller wrote in a statement that the Office of Student Life, which oversees the pub, “is excited to partner with students in creating opportunities where students can celebrate their affinity to their class year.”

The Queens Head parties are the latest effort on the part of the College to take greater control over undergraduate social life and where it takes place, all the while hoping to curb the influence of off-campus social organizations such as final clubs, fraternities, and sororities. A group of women's organizations at the College are organizing the second iteration of the [BLANK] party this week, with the help of University president Drew G. Faust.

The next Pub event, the senior class party begins Saturday at 6 p.m. with an educational beer school and tasting, pub games, and karaoke, Raglan said.

Banks encouraged students to attend, in the hope of making the events occur on a more frequent basis.

“It’ll depend on how many people show up. So, I guess, vote with your feet,” he said.


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