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Top Five Artsy Hobbies for Social Distancing

Bake some banana bread!
Bake some banana bread! By Courtesy of Katrin Gilger/Wikimedia Commons
By Ifeoluwani E. Omidiran, Crimson Staff Writer

Making art is an experience grounded in its social aspect: so much of the joy of creating comes from collaborating with others. This epidemic has created a new normal, one of physical distancing and lives that have to be lived online. Nonetheless, art can still be used as a way to connect. Here’s a list of the top five artistic hobbies to help you stay connected and keep boredom at bay, while also social distancing.

5. Learn TikTok dances

There’s something unbelievably satisfying about watching a TikTok dance 100 times and finally getting the moves down on the 101st. The joy of recording the 15 second video is unmatched, and seeing a dance spread like wildfire on social media reflects the connectedness of our world. As our lives shift to the online sphere, dance is an all-too-welcome reminder of our physicality.

4. Do a FaceTime photoshoot

Video chat can be more than just a medium for awkward Zoom classes and bittersweet check-ins with far away loved ones. Enter the FaceTime photoshoot, a trend where photographers across the globe are taking advantage of the Live Photos feature on FaceTime to continue portrait photography while social distancing. It’s a way for photographers to practice directing and framing shots, and models to perfect posing and styling. Most importantly, it’s just another way that creativity can thrive, even in (physical) isolation.

3. Bake banana bread

Being stuck at home all day calls for baking, and what’s better than a bread that’s incredibly delicious yet doesn’t call for any kneading? Yes, I watch “The Great British Baking Show.” No, I don’t want to bake anything that requires sitting around while it rises. We exist. Baking banana bread is the perfect quarantine cooking activity for a lazy baker, or someone who just wants to hop on the baking bandwagon.

2. Upcycle some clothes

Just because you aren't seeing anyone in person doesn't mean you have to sit in sweats all day (no shame in spending the day in PJs, though). Go to the back of your closet and give new life to those tees and cardigans you never wear. Turn oversized t-shirts into totes or add cute side stripes and patches to those old jeans. Upcycling your clothes can save money, is sustainable, and will get you ready to stunt when we get to show off those fits.

1. Finally play the instrument that’s sitting in the corner of your room

Does anyone else claim to play guitar when you have to come up with a fun fact, but really you haven’t picked it up in months and you’re too scared to try to play again because you’ve probably forgotten everything you knew? With all of the assignments I’ve been procrastinating, playing guitar has been a re-discovered source of joy. If you don’t have an instrument, try playing with GarageBand to make some beats and come out of quarantine with a newfound credential for your resume: SoundCloud producer.

—Staff Writer Ifeoluwani E. Omidiran can be reached at

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