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frank ocean in my room

Frank Ocean is Done with Vulnerability on ‘In My Room’

If these tracks are representative of Frank Ocean’s direction following his critically-acclaimed album “Blonde,” they suggest that Ocean is experimenting with abstract concept songs that lack clear narratives.

Concert for One Taiwan
On Campus

Portrait of An Artist: Rayna Yun Chou, Creator of Concert for One

"What if we put a nervous musician and a nervous listener together in a room? What happens then?"

XXL's Freshman Class of 2019

Arts Playlist: Introducing the Women of XXL’s 2019 Freshman Class

This year’s freshman class is refreshingly talented, featuring three female rappers who have been shaking things up and providing much-needed diversity to a genre often dominated by men.

noname song 32

Noname’s New Single ‘Song 32’ is Cerebral and Sublime

The single is yet another testament to Noname’s unique ability to combine clever lyrics, complex subjects, and jazz-inspired instrumentals to transport the listener into a poetic and immersive soundscape.


In Sexual Assault Awareness Month, ‘Our Voices’ Creates Physical Space for Reflection

“People can share and go through whatever spectrum of emotions they are processing and have it be contained in that room,” co-director Rachel M. Kahn ’20 said.

the body as a lasting thing

Poetry Meets Dance in ‘the body as a lasting thing’

Over the course of 'the body as a lasting thing,' the show's poetry and choreography combined to explore themes of what the event description called “physicality, anatomy, and dance.”