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Who Gets Likely Letters?

Colleges send likely letters to prospective students to notify them they are likely to be admitted on the official decision release date. To receive one is rare: In the past, Harvard College has sent roughly 200 to recruited athletes and 100 to non-athletes.

Undergraduate Admissions Council Establishes Role to Support Veteran Applicants

As student coordinators on the Harvard Admissions Office’s Undergraduate Admissions Council, Ashley N. Emann ’23 and Hudson T. Miller ’23 hold talks for prospective veteran applicants covering topics like housing, financial aid, and transfer credit.

Data Could Decide the Harvard Admissions Trial. Here’s How and Why

The trial and lawsuit unleashed mountains of classified Harvard admissions data. Both the University and SFFA employed statistical experts to analyze the data and testify about their results in court. So, who’s right?

‘This Is Not Who I Am’: For Harvard Admissions Dean, The Trial Is Personal

The trial investigating whether the College discriminates against Asian-Americans could decide the fate of affirmative action in America. But for Dean of Admissions William R. Fitzsimmons '67, it could also decide who he is at Harvard — and how he is remembered.

Congratulations, Harvard Class of 2018

Amidst the excited yells, the hugs and congratulations, you'll find yourself thinking about your life here at Harvard. Maybe you're looking forward to "pahking yah cah in Hahvahd Yahd" as you arrive to move in to your new home and meet all the other freshmen just like you. You'll all be curious, perhaps a little scared, but excited to be starting a new chapter of your life at such a beautiful, historic, and prestigious place.

Deferred? What Now?

If you are deferred, the college has essentially thrown your application back into the fire. A deferred application will be reevaluated with the regular decision applications and receive a yes or no decision sometime later in the year. The only good news is that there’s still hope. It is by no means an entirely negative thing and you shouldn’t think that it is.

Weekly News Round-Up: Common App Crisis! (And Why Money Matters in Admission)

Today might as well be Halloween, because we've got some scary facts coming your way about the Common App, family income's role in admission, and more. The treat to those tricks? College is cheaper than you think!

The Costs of Applying (and How to Avoid Them)

Between sending test scores and application fees, the cost of applying can add up even before you’re accepted to a school. Luckily, a little bit of research and some time with your guidance counselor can help you work around these fees—or get rid of them altogether.

Weekly News Round-Up: Obama Okays Affirmative Action, Bard Shakes up College Apps

This week in college admissions news, the Department of Education and Justice announced their support of college admissions offices considering race, while Bard College introduced a potentially revolutionary new admission policy. In other news, publications are still bad at ranking.

The College Campaign of 2010: So Many Colleges, So Little Time

Mid-April 2009 found my mother and me poring over college brochures, checking train times, and calling up relatives. Really, it was mostly my mom. I was too busy reading admission statistics in three-inch thick college guidebooks to bother with the minutiae of interstate transportation. Our plan was to take the Amtrak between cities for a few days, stopping at all the colleges I wanted to visit.

By Now: September Checklist

It may be hard to believe, but summer has officially ended and the college admissions cycle is in full swing. Hopefully, you’ve started to make some headway on your applications, but exactly how far along should you be?

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