Books and Liquor

Arts Vanity: Bringing Back Books and Liquor

For the last year, we’ve published every piece under our jurisdiction in the Books section of The Harvard Crimson. But whenever we searched for the “books” tag in our website’s administration system, a mysterious category would pop up: “books and liquor.”

What's On Your Bookshelf?: Coughlon and Wilson Edition

“We should probably tell her about competitive reading,” Coughlon says to Wilson. It turns out the pair’s massive collection isn’t just a hobby—it’s a full-fledged rivalry. Both friends use the website Goodreads to track what they’ve read. Wilson explains, “I’d started in high school, and was mean to Sarah freshman year about her reading habits, and it just so happened that Goodreads instituted a Challenge Yourself book-reading competition, and so we ended up not only challenging ourselves, but each other. We both read 100 or more books [that] year.”

Worst Book-to-Movie Adaptations. Ever.

Six instances in which you would be better off reading the book


The 60 degree weather, blooming magnolias, and daily sunshine seem to announce that spring has finally arrived at Harvard. Isn’t it nice to shed our wool pea coats and oversized scarves so that we can finally stroll around the Yard in airy blouses and tweed blazers for once? A quick glance at these images shows the almost abrupt seasonal transition in campus style. Out with the knitted hats and knee-high boots, the cozy head-to-toe outfits, and in with the polka-dotted prints and bright colors! The photographers at Books&Liquor bring you the first installment of an FM style series. We capture students, professors, tourists, and pedestrians whose diverse sartorial expressions color the campus with flair and style. After all, the Yard’s unique aesthetic is defined not merely by its historic brick and Georgian architecture, but also by those interesting individuals who frequent it.

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