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The Baton Also Rises

"It has been a great lesson to me to know that in life it is the unexpected that happens. Sometimes

Odd Notes

Doriot Anthony Dwyer, principal flutist with the Boston Sumphony Orchestra, was the only female principal player in any major U.S.

Heavy On The Russian

Alex Kuzma, the Yale senior who conducted the University's Russian Chorus on its recent tour of the Soviet Union, claims

A Sucker Bored Every Minute

A retired janitor clad in a rumpled uniform slouched down in his seat, concerned that some familiar face might spot

Classical Listings

THURSDAY An Evening of Bernstein --Radcliffe Grant-in-Aid's spring production features a musical revue of greatest hits by Leonard Bernstein, plus

Warmth, Wit and Wisdom

The personal quality that friends recall first when asked about the late E. Power Biggs is his brilliant wit. Whether


"Music and prisons both have necessary functions, but they sure don't go together," Boston Symphony conductor Seiji Ozawa said a

Your Move

Why are these eight overgrown marionettes caught here immobilized, and looking at you like you just threatened to blow up

Could George Plimpton Even Whistle Dixie?

Imagine the Boston Red Sox holding a marathon like the one the Boston Symphony/Boston Pops is holding this weekend. What