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Two-time Orator Will Call For Fighting Injustice With Education

Stephen E. Frank ’95 is making Harvard history. When he takes the stage this morning in Tercentenary Theater to deliver

War, What Is It Good For?

Though it’s been more than a week since its declaration of war, Mather House’s saber rattling has thus far failed

Popular Professor To Direct Peabody

A popular teacher and chair of Harvard’s anthropology department will take over as head of the Peabody Museum, the Faculty

Beloved History Professor Gienapp Dies

Harvard College Professor and Professor of History William E. Gienapp, a distinguished scholar of American history known for his love

‘Energetic’ ’00 Grad Drowns

B. Anna Su ’00, a passionate leader who headed Model Congress and CityStep during her undergraduate years, died in a

University Restricts Travel Due to SARS Epidemic

The spread of the deadly virus that causes SARS prompted Harvard this spring to cut funding and other forms of

War Profiles: Joe Finnigan, First Lieutenant, U.S. Marine Corps

Like many of his fellow Marines, First Lieutenant Joe Finnigan left behind his family and girlfriend when he was deployed

War Profiles: Seth W. Moulton '01, 2nd Lieutentant, U.S. Marine Corps

When Seth W. Moulton '01 stepped onto the podium to deliver the Undergraduate English Oration at his Commencement, he called

Harvard To Give 6,349 Degrees

University President Lawrence H. Summers will award 6,349 degrees to graduates of the College and the graduate schools today at

Alternative Ec Course Wins Core Approval

A month after the economics department turned down his proposal to create an alternative to its popular introductory course, Barker

SARS Forces Yenching To Postpone Fellowships

The Harvard-Yenching Institute will postpone its fellowships for travel to China in light of concerns about the spread of SARS,

Facing SARS, Harvard Opens Dorms

The College will rent out rooms at cut rates to students hailing from SARS-affected regions who are concerned about difficulties

Foundation Gives FAS $3 Million

The Arnold D. Frese Foundation, a major contributor to Harvard’s astronomy, financial aid and athletics programs, has donated $3 million

Students Read Victims’ Names To Remember Holocaust

A group of students from Hillel commemorated the more than six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust by reading about

Geneticist Dismisses Discrimination Fears

Dismissing concerns that revealing individuals’ genetic makeup could lead to discrimination, entrepreneur and scientist J. Craig Venter said Friday that