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Harvard and the Junta

At the annual kick-off event of the University Committee on Human Rights last month, President Drew G. Faust said, “I

Low Ranks for Large Fields

Seniors in Harvard’s largest departments—economics and government—are less satisfied with their concentration experience than their classmates in less crowded fields.

Amy R. Klein

When she arrived at Harvard, Amy R. Klein ’07 found that many of her female classmates were “very polite, often

Leave Behind (a) Legacy

At Harvard’s first Commencement ceremony in 1642, the nine graduates proved their proficiency in three ancient tongues with Latin and

Summers Left With $1 Million Loan

Harvard’s tax returns reveal new information about former President Lawrence H. Summers’ severance package, which included a $1 million deferred-interest

Admissions, Unzipped

The 20,000-odd high school students who received admissions decisions in the mail from Harvard last month could have learned a

'A Very Good College Journalist'

“I had been a very good college journalist, managing editor of what was arguably the best college paper in the

Soft Science, Hard Facts

Dean of the Faculty Jeremy R. Knowles wants to overturn the law of supply and demand. Here are the facts: