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Women's Basketball Aims to Extend Winning Streak to Five Versus UNH

The Harvard women's basketball team is on a roll. Coming off a 22-point victory over URI, the Crimson sets it

M. Cagers Seek Redemption

As Harvard students crawl through the final days before the holiday break, the first thing on most people's minds is

Behind the Eight Ball

If you have ever watched ESPN's "NFL Primetime" or read just about any Sunday newspaper in the country, you have


For the third time in four years, Harvard University has been selected to host the NCAA Region 1 Championships. The

"Comp The Crimson"

Doubtless, you have noticed on the SportsWire page directly behind the back page, a tendency on the part of the

Spring Season Malaise

Traditionally in Western literature, springtime is a time of growth and of love and of renewal; Tennyson writes, "In the


In the final home weekend of his Harvard career, senior center Chris weekend of his Harvard career, senior center Chris

A Tale of Two Franchises

If Red Auerbach were dead, he'd be rolling over in his grave. Unfortunately for him, he's alive. The Boston Celtics

W. Basketball Stunned by Arizona, 82-45

The Harvard women's basketball team entered the championship game of the Copper Bowl Classic versus Arizona with confidence. Although the

Ivy League Football Standings Upside Down at Mid-Season

The Harvard football team finally won a close game last weekend, leaping ahead of Holy Cross last Saturday before hanging

Unspecial Teams

NEW YORK--It has almost become expected that in the first week of the football season at every level, special teams

Abs(olute) Vanity

If you're like me, you've seen the seemingly endless infomercials and the Calvin Klein advertisements in Rolling Stone. You've been

Parity Reigns in the Ivy League

For the last five years, three teams have dominated the Ivy League: Pennsylvania, Princeton and Dartmouth. The Quakers, Tigers and

For Gridders, Time to Rise and Shine

As Harvard coach Tim Murphy enters his third year, his first recruiting class has finally come of age. A last-minute

Fashion for Freshmen

Dear freshman athletes: Welcome to Division I athletics, where the level of competition is higher, the play more physical, and