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Superstar Does Harvard Proud

Awarding senior All-American Allison Feaster The Crimson's Athlete of the Week is a bit like giving an Oscar-winning actor the

JV W. Hockey Wins First--Ever

Rarely do JV sports get coverage in The Crimson, but the Harvard women's JV hockey team, one of he few

M. Cagers Seek Redemption

As Harvard students crawl through the final days before the holiday break, the first thing on most people's minds is

Fans Rally for Crimson

CHAPEL HILL, N.C.--Harvard fans are a funny breed--you never know what games they'll show up to and how vocal they

UMass Can't Derail Harvard Soccer Express

It's become so commonplace throughout the years that it's almost routine--the Harvard women's soccer team has won yet another important

Beantown Bonanza

One of the reasons Harvard is such an exciting place to go to school is because it's located smack in

Rollerblading Hysteria

Most people approach exercise with the idea that it has to hurt to be effective. Inspiring Nike ads of Emmitt

Women's Soccer Punishes Tigers, 6-1

Forget about the critics who said they wouldn't be as competitive this year as in years past. Forget about the

Phenomonal Fall Foliage Found for All

In another couple of months, winter will be here in all its glory. After the first fluffy snowfall wears out