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Lovin’ ‘Hate Crimes’

Is the KKK rising to prominence once again on Manhattan’s Upper West Side? As strange as this sounds, the rhetoric

Where Have All the Commies Gone?

I applied for this column to challenge what I though was the dominant leftist ideology that pervaded campus and hampered

Dissenting Opinion: A Pointless Debate

Resident Undergraduate Council (UC) rabble-rouser Jason L. Lurie ’05 must be pleased. The silly debate he started in 2003 about

Cut the Termbill—by Yourself

I should have known better. But back in May of 2004 I threw caution to the wind and voted in

Homeless and Helpless

On the issue of homelessness almost everyone is ambivalent. I, for one, have never given a single cent to a

The Lessons of My Father

I hate to admit it, but my dad was right. During my teenage years he warned of the three evils

Solomons Wisdom Eludes Harvard

I know its only my first weekand I swear Im not lazybut the gravity of the Solomon Amendment controversy, which

The Surreal Life

I expected my internship with Governor—yes, it’s still weird to say—Arnold Schwarzenegger to be a little otherworldly. One-liners don’t usually

Hypocrisy in the 'Nuclear' War

By JOHN W. HASTRUP I agree that Republicans should not pursue the “nuclear option” to change Senate rules so that