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Abortionists Crying Wolf

Many in the pro-choice camp are decked in sackcloth and ash this week, mourning the Supreme Court’s recent decision in

Who is John Haddock?

Twelve months ago, Harvard College students elected John S. Haddock ’07 to be president of the Undergraduate Council (UC) for

Capitalism for Dinner

Something has to change if Harvard University Dining Services (HUDS) is to meet the demands of the students whom it

DISSENTING OPINION: Friends with Benefits

The blossoming and energy-thirsty economies of India and China promise to lift the demand for oil to unprecedented heights. In

Dissenting Opinion: A Pointless Debate

Resident Undergraduate Council (UC) rabble-rouser Jason L. Lurie ’05 must be pleased. The silly debate he started in 2003 about

Fool For the City

The promise of the city can have a magnetic effect on children of the suburbs like myself. Repelled by what

Quality Over Ideology

Behind the staff’s sophistry lies the belief that conservatism qua conservatism disqualifies a Supreme Court nominee. We disagree and believe