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The Farewell of a Fashionista

As I wind up my last year at Harvard, I find myself vaguely nonplussed. Have four years of nonsensical response

Floral Prints Need Attention Or They'll Wilt

The ’90s were, in general, a terrible time for fashion. There is something so offensive about the decade’s frumpy minimalism,

Of Libraries and Leggings

There was once a brilliantly happy time in my life: the halcyon days before my thesis. In those days I

My Primary Concern: Fashion

The other day I was at the gym doing a pilates routine and reading about whether Suri Cruise really is

Rebecca M. Harrington

Despite the fact that many top 10 lists have an positive bent, it is my experience that cautionary tales work

Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Better Wear a Scarf

Ever since I was informed by my grandmother how Isadora Duncan died—in a fit of gesticular excess, she tossed her

Please, Never Wear Leggings Again

What is the dealio with you people? Honestly, if all of you are going to keep wearing leggings in spite

THE TREND IS NIGH: Blazers and Jodhpurs on Parade!

Sometimes I feel educationally robbed. In the flurry of freshman year bragging—which seemed to last the entire duration of my

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In the age of handlers, PR agents and momanagers intent on horning in on their daughters’ careers (yet also sabotaging

Colorful Fashion? Not At Brown

Growing up in the shadow of Brown University has some definitive advantages. For example, I was always aware of what

Pants, Minds Wide Open

We live in an era that is defined by extremes. For example, how do we live in a world that

Revisiting Oscars Fashion, Whether I Like It Or Not

Every March I threaten to have an Oscar party and then I don’t. I tell everyone I know to take

Taken from the C-List: My Adventures at Fashion Week

It takes a tough and rugged disposition to be a minor celebrity. Take Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton’s buxom, collagen-enhanced best

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Fashion Forecast: Stormy

There are years when fashion is alive with a sort of electric promise, when each collection is a wildly inventive

Preppy-Goth Is Doomed Fashion

Some people have multifaceted gothic personalities that are colored by extreme fluctuations of emotion. I am not one of these