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Hunger Pangs

I arrived in Washington, D.C. hungry for excitement. But soon enough, my hunger materialized quite differently. Equipped with a government

Sikh’s Sword Seized By School

A Sikh student at the Harvard Summer School who carries a kirpan—a sword worn sheathed and under clothing by baptized

Faculty Pushes to Retain Power

In the aftermath of a year of Faculty activism that led to the ouster of University President Lawrence H. Summers,

Susan Faludi

On June 2, 1986, Newsweek magazine reported that college-educated women over 40 were more likely to be killed by a

Council Ties Up Loose Ends

As rain showered Cambridge on Wednesday, motions and presentations inundated the Faculty Council—the highest governing body of the Faculty of

Dean Asks To Change Name of Degree

Hillary Duff might receive a different degree from the Harvard Extension School if Dean of the Extension School Michael Shinagel

New Classes Set to Debut

While lecture halls continue to fill for Life Sciences 1a and Social Analysis 10, Dean for the Humanities Maria Tatar

Life Sci Reforms Advance

Potential life sciences concentrators in the Class of 2010 may face a completely new array of choices when they arrive

Faculty Consider Revamping Bio

The number of concentrations within the life sciences may expand from five to eight as early as next year, if

Faculty Council Meets for Bok Talk

Derek C. Bok met with members of the Faculty’s 19-member governing council yesterday during his first known visit to campus

Interim Chief Seeks Curricular Relief

On Feb. 24, newly announced interim University President Derek C. Bok said that he will not impose his views on

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Tensions Linger at Closed FAS Meeting

Tensions between University President Lawrence H. Summers’ supporters and opponents lingered at yesterday’s Faculty meeting, with one of the outgoing

Faculty Will Take ‘Time To Settle’

The highest governing body of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) yesterday cancelled the Faculty’s scheduled Feb. 28 meeting—which

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Council Calls for Halt in FAS Dean Search

The highest governing body of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) called for a halt in the dean search

Faculty Mulls ‘Radical’ Dean Search Plan

The Faculty’s elected governing body asked professors yesterday to consider completely excluding University President Lawrence H. Summers from the search