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Islam’s Role in the Elections

Throughout the 2008 presidential elections, several candidates have sought to utilize anti-Islam prejudices to their advantage. In January of 2007,

HUDS Menus Now More Accessible

Are you interested in knowing what the dining halls will be serving tomorrow—but too lazy to check page 4 of

Your Newest Buddy: Shuttleboybot

As of Sunday, David J. Malan ’99 has given students a new excuse to use AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). In

Firms Lure Students With Freebies

Luring students with emblem-covered playing cards, glowing balls, mugs, and mouse pads, representatives pitched their companies to prospective interns at

Man’s Best Friend Has Similar Genes Too

Scientists at Harvard and MIT’s Broad Institute have mapped the genes of man’s  best friend, the dog, in the hopes

Programs Abroad Get New Funding

For students who have been yearning to stargaze in the southern hemisphere, work in a lab in East Asia, or

Freshman Wins Lifetime of Burgers

Carl D. Ehrlich ’09 learned on Wednesday that he would never have to consume another Harvard chickwich or dining hall

Grant Expands Medieval Program

The Barker Center’s Thompson Room was abuzz with excitement on Wednesday, as Goelet Professor of Medieval History Michael McCormick approached

Concert Confronts Stereotypes

The Asian American Arts Concert, an event featuring a medley of professional and student performances, took over the stage of