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A $15 Billion Deal Unites 2 Dropouts

The brainchildren of two of Harvard’s most famous dropouts—one conceived more than three decades ago, the other three years ago—united

Televisions Light Up Dining Experience

Dining halls are now serving up nutrition information on a high-tech array of glowing flat-screen monitors that cost them thousands

Do You Want Calories With That?

Waistline-watching Harvard students might do a double-take this fall when they return to b.good, the healthy hamburger joint in Harvard

Facebook Group Sparks Uproar

Facebook profiles have long been a medium of self-expression for the site’s users. But what happens when self-expression crosses into

In Shift, HUDS Will Hatch Cage-Free Eggs

Harvard students who enjoy hard-boiled or fried eggs in the dining hall will soon be munching with a cleaner conscience.

Harvard Grad Throws Down in Kitchen

A group of undergraduates escaped the sticky prices and sticky wages of Ec 10 lectures yesterday for their counterpart in

Quad Dining Halls Come to the Rescue

Last week, students walking around Currier and Pforzheimer Houses found themselves surrounded by a new crowd—the preteen set—and were perhaps

House Life Panel Debates Party Grant Dispersal

The possibility of eliminating the role of the Undergraduate Council (UC) in allocating party grants, along with a proposal to

HUDS Rejects Extended Hours

Students hoping to indulge a late-night chickwich craving must remain unsatisfied indefinitely after a year’s worth of investigation into extending