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POSTCARD: The Brain Drain, Neo-Colonial Style

But if Pedro’s conception of the brain drain in reverse is that which applies to all former expatriates and their descendants who return to this country, then Equatorial Guinea ought not to rejoice anytime soon.

Quincy IM Rowers Claim Plate

Eliot House Master Lino Pertile bestowed a solid silver plate on Quincy House’s women’s intramural rowing team last night in recognition of their victory in the House rowing competition last spring.

Quincy Gathers For 50th Birthday

Quincy House celebrated its half-century history on Saturday night at an anniversary event attended by inter-generational House affiliates whose connections with the House span the past five decades.

(Thwarted) Mather Mutiny Over Movie

<p>It looks like the College Events Board won’t be taking Mather House to its upcoming Dinner and a Movie Night on Thurs., October 22.</p><p>After the CEB announced that its seemingly benign event would include a showing of Where the Wild Things Are, Mather’s own wild things were unleashed on the House’s open e-mail list.</p><p></p><p>“DECLARE WAR!” wrote one Matherite.</p><p>Earlier this year, Mather House HoCo decided to hold an exclusive bonding sesh on October 16 (the date of the movie's premiere), particularly for the sophomore class. Remember those t-shirts on Housing Day?</p><p>But the CEB decided to encourage the College community to see the same movie six days later. For free. (Mather was planning to charge all along.)</p><p>Mather HoCo approached the CEB to reconsider the movie choice. But after a campus-wide poll, students overwhelmingly voted for The Wild Things. The movie. Not the Matherites. More on the mutiny after the jump.

Course Looks at House Renewal

While Dean of the Office of Student Life Suzy M. Nelson said as recently as Monday that the College administration

Start Date Maintained For House Renewal

The College administration renewed its commitment yesterday to begin physical renovations in the upperclassman Houses by 2012, despite University-wide budget


KYETUME, Uganda—After living in and traveling through Libya and Tunisia, where my paternal relatives are from, I accurately expected that

What's in a Surname?

KYETUME, Uganda—It took me no fewer than five clumsy introductions to catch on to why I kept forgetting the names