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Rabbah Hurwitz
For The Moment

Hey Rabbah Sara Hurwitz

Hey Rabbah Sara Hurwitz, first female Orthodox rabbi, what is your favorite Jewish holiday?

In The Meantime

Broadway Outs the Outters

In May of 1920, a five-person committee of high-level Harvard administrators, including President A. Lawrence Lowell, class of 1877, began ...

In The Meantime

John Keats Heats Up Houghton

It may have been a thrill for Harvard undergrads to have a little bit of Hollywood in their backyard this ...

Kim Gandy speaks in the Quincy Junior Common Room.
Student Groups

Gandy Speaks on Feminism

Former National Organization of Women President and current Institute of Politics Fellow Kim Gandy encouraged students in Quincy House yesterday to work together across divisions in the feminist movement to achieve larger goals like reproductive and equal marriage rights.

Yoo-Hoo, Mrs. Goldberg

As the lights dim and you notice that you are surrounded by geriatrics, you may wonder why you skipped “(500)

Unnamed photo

Love It: House Parties

Where can you go on campus to listen to “My Sharona,” “Jesse’s Girl,” and “Born to Run” all in a

True Overachievers

You are running the Boston Marathon. Somewhere in the 26.2 miles from the Hopkinton start to the Boston finish, you

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Getting Schooled in Beer—Without a Hangover

Final clubs, Quad parties, fake IDs—it is through these techniques that most Harvard students gain their appreciation and understanding of

Harvard’s Latest Valentine’s Day Activity: Re-creating Shakespearean Drama

Most choose to spend Feb. 14, also known as SAD (Single Awareness Day) indulging in the traditional rituals of gorging