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Letter to the Editor

Marriage is a religious institution, and a governmental institution, but first and foremost is a social institution whereby we recognize loved ones as family.

Missing the Point

It is a moral obligation of college admissions to recognize that these systems of oppression exist, that they are immoral, that they operate subtly and on a broad scale, and to work to counteract them.

Rape and The Gatekeeper Narrative

Social narratives surrounding sex create spaces and situations where predators can operate without fear of punishment.

Abortion: We've Actually Thought About It

I am writing in response to two articles you published recently advocating for a pro-life view of abortion.

America’s Cain Scandal

I’m referring, of course, to Cain’s “if you don’t have a job, and you’re not rich, blame yourself” remark. Certainly the incident received some coverage. But it didn’t reach the heart of the matter.

The Other Deficit

The most important deficit in America today is the one we’re not talking about.

Taxation and Its Metaphors

Taxation is not another charitable cause for people to support as their consciences dictate. It’s an obligation that every citizen has to support the government.

The Myth of the Marginal Income Tax Rate

Tax policy is a fantastically complex subject, and it’s not always easy to see which competing theory is in the right. But like all government policy, it must ultimately apply at the level of ordinary, individual citizens.

Nationalize the Post Office

In order to meet this primary need for governmental communications, the Post Office requires a substantial infrastructure—“Post Offices and Post Roads,” in the words of the Constitution—across the entire nation.

Balancing the Budget Debate

In order to pass his version of a debt-ceiling bill, Speaker Boehner reintroduced an idea with a long history in ...