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Something to Chew On: Tough Theater

Roughly 30 years ago, The Crimson ran a review on these very pages excoriating an experimental student production of Vladimir ...

The Robot Theater: Live and Impersonal

“Stifters Dinge” confounds the very notion of a performance, insofar as it requires no performers.

Behind the Old Scandals, a New Kane

The more I read Kane’s plays, the more intimate and personal they seem.

'Spider-Man' Turns On the Controversy

Say what you will about the relative merits of the show—“Spider-Man” has become a phenomenon.

Face to Face

Screenwriter Aaron B. Sorkin and author Benjamin A. Mezrich ’91 put an unauthorized face to the name Mark E. Zuckerberg, the man who chose Facebook over Harvard.

FACES: Who We Are

It’s not often that the arts at Harvard cater to freshmen exclusively, but a new program called the Freshman Arts Collaborative Experience Showcase (FACES) hopes to do just that.

David Mamet’s Overstated ‘Theatre’

“You can’t live your life believing every ten-penny self-proclaimed teacher, critic, agent, etc.,” writes David Mamet in “True and False,” his 1997 treatise on acting, “Your first and most important tool is common sense.”