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Global Health Focus Grows at Harvard

From working on frog leg regeneration in Chile, to examining water project pilot protocols in the Dominican Republic, to studying rural Chinese medicine, Harvard undergraduates interested in global health issues are devising their own ways to delve into the field—even in the absence of an institutionalized department.

Study Recommends Limiting Saturated Fats

A study published yesterday in PLoS Medicine and led by Dariush Mozaffarian, an assistant professor of epidemiology at HSPH, showed that replacing saturated fats with a higher than previously recommended percentage of polyunsaturated fats was associated with a significantly decreased risk of coronary heart disease, the leading killer of adults in developing countries.

Compound Inhibits Clotting

What do Wisconsin dairy cattle, rat poison, and former President Dwight Eisenhower have in common?

Julie Chu ’07: U.S. Ice Hockey Olympic Medallist

Chu, the first Asian American woman to play for the U.S. Olympic ice hockey team, is now making her third Olympic appearance in Vancouver.

Roundworm Bacteria Research Shows Promise for Development of New Antibiotics

In a finding that bodes well for the development of new human antibiotics, Harvard researchers have determined the identity of the trigger that causes roundworm bacteria to excrete virulent substances.

War Zone Life Breeds Violence

Researchers find that married couples living in a war zone are more likely to experience domestic violence.