Elizabeth D. Pyjov

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Scapegoats and Surprises

Regardless of the extent of the crisis or natural disaster, I think it is important for a nation not to search for scapegoats or imagine conspiracy theories but rather to look within itself and take full responsibility for its own actions, even for the surprises in store.

Interweaving Endless Realities into One

A director can endow the screen with endless depth by consciously displacing viewers from one reality he shows to another he recalls through visual references, weaving all forms together in a self-reflexive manner.

Why Is 'Soul Kitchen' So Delicious?

Fatih Akin’s new movie “Soul Kitchen” is delicious, in both the literal and metaphorical sense of the word.

New Course Cooks Up Stirring Debates

How much is cooking an art, and how much is it a science? While it contains an objective, scientific part ...

POSTCARD: Stuck in the Middle

Returning on a Sunday night from a weekend trip to Switzerland, I got into my apartment building’s tiny, old-fashioned elevator and everything seemed to be going fine. Famous last words.

POSTCARD: Sunday Night Out

A faithful account of the ensuing events follows. It can also be used as a model for being bohemian for the reference of anyone who is not feeling sufficiently hipster.