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ES 227 Spotlights Medical Technology

The class, which was offered for the first time last spring, is the brainchild of SEAS Lecturer Conor J. Walsh, who said he was inspired by a similar class taught by his MIT graduate advisor.

Harvard Professors Model Intestine Shape

Harvard professors recently determined how vertebrate intestines grow into their characteristically coiled shape, through a combination of biological methods and mathematical modeling.

Clay Structures Form Part of Cell

A team of researchers recently demonstrated the ability of clay to assemble itself into semi-permeable membranes, the first time that such membranes—which are an important building block in cells—have been formed out of an inorganic material.

Physicist Appointed To National Committee

President Obama appointed Physics Professor Lisa J. Randall ’84 to the President’s Committee on the National Medal of Science last week.

Physics Prof Wins Lilienfeld Prize

The American Physical Society named Physics Professor Gerald Gabrielse the winner of the 2011 Julius Edgar Lilienfeld Prize last week for his contributions to the study and teaching of physics.

Farmers' Market at Harvard

Taking place every Tuesday from June 15-October 26 on the Science Center lawn, the Farmers' Market at Harvard is a project by the HUHDS Food Literacy Project.

Harvard SEAS Create Institute for Computational Science

The Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences announced last week the creation of a new research institute focused on computational science to enhance graduate study in the field.

HSPH Students Gather to Hear UN Goals

Students from across Harvard’s schools gathered Monday morning at the School of Public Health to attend a live videocast of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals—which was taking place in New York City—followed by a discussion between faculty and students.