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Aspiring television screenwriters find creative outlets outside academics

Escaping the Static

Harvard students hoping to follow in the footsteps of small-screen greats find creative outlets in extracurriculars

Visual Arts

Rebecca Lieberman ’10

“I feel like I’ve done a kind of one-eighty since I’ve come here,” says Rebecca S. Lieberman ’10, describing the evolution of her art throughout her time at Harvard.


Philosopher Lectures on Human Responsibility

McDowell, a philosophy professor at the University of Pittsburgh, was invited by the Harvard Review of Philosophy for the publication’s fifth annual lecture.

Into the Woods Rehearsal

Into the Woods

April 23-May 1

Lin-Manuel Miranda

SPOTLIGHT: Lin-Manuel Miranda

Last Tuesday, Lin-Manuel Miranda—writer, composer, and former star of the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical “In the Heights”—came to speak at Harvard about his writing experiences and career.


OFA Honors Moody's Jazz

“Every step counts in popularizing jazz,” Aryeh Gold-Parker ’12—a member of the Harvard Jazz Band— said in an email.



Usher’s sixth record, “Raymond v. Raymond,” struggles to make a sophisticated and grown-up statement.

House Life

Houses Keep Churning Out Videos

With only a few days remaining, Harvard's Houses have been releasing YouTube videos at a steady clip. The videos are filled with memes and pop songs. Some are pretty bad; others make us want to transfer from our lame Houses and into ones that know how to make a quality video.


Brooklyn's Finest

Don’t go into “Brooklyn’s Finest” expecting a particularly innovative or intriguing crime film—it is certainly no “French Connection.”


Titus Andronicus

“The Monitor,” named after the Civil War ironclad ship, is ostensibly a concept album centered on living in our times and questioning identities, with a focus on the lingering importance of the Civil War.


Rogue Wave

Rogue Wave haven’t lost their penchant for crafting incredibly appealing hook-laden melodies, which ensure the memorable impression “Permalight” leaves.