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Unfinished Business

Limiting the College’s liability seems to be the ultimate goal in student life policing (programming is too generous of a term), even when it comes at the expense of common sense, fun, and fairness.


Give Me More

Student life would benefit from more events like Yardfest and this requires the University to match its rhetoric with its resources. If student organizations should form the foundation of social life on campus, the administration must give them the means to do so.


A Visitas Guide to Social Life

Let’s talk—I hear you’re considering Harvard.


Extreme House Makeover

While House Renewal will undoubtedly improve the physical quality of housing at Harvard, without careful attention, renovations in Quincy (and, eventually, the rest of the Houses) may limit students’ access to House life. Planning for House Renewal must pay close attention to the effects of massive construction and relocation on the students like my brother who will endure the process.


When the Party Ends

Too often, the focus is on convincing students not to drink in the first place and barring underage students from doing so.


Sister, Sister

Next year, the University should encourage the expansion of the sorority system at Harvard to include a fourth sorority, allow the chapters to advertise “Rush” across campus, and allow them to reserve University space for recruitment and chapter meetings.

Carleton Cruse Scrut

15 Questions with A. Carlton Cuse ’81

Executive Producer and writer for the hit show “Lost,” Carlton Cuse ’81 took a break from writing the show’s ...