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Peabody Terrace Complex Undergoing Renovations

After a controversy two years ago in which small concentrations of a toxic chemical were found in Harvard graduate student ...

City Council Examines Website, IT

The Cambridge City Council held an informal roundtable last night to discuss improvements and modifications to the City’s website.

Council Holds Roundtable to Examine Voting

Last night the Cambridge City Council took a break from its normal order of business to hold a roundtable with the Elections Commission to discuss councilors’ concerns with the voting process.

Not Always a Land of Plenty

Especially as she makes her journey through Chile, our university’s president will hopefully see both the nation’s progress and continuing struggles and bring back a renewed desire to continue the University’s outreach and build partnerships to promote a more equitable future.

Council Discusses Funding for Community Action Programs

The Cambridge City Council weighed in last night on the federal budget, passing a resolution urging President Barack Obama to maintain funding for the Community Services Block Grant—the primary funding source for community action programs.

Cambridge City Council Examines Officers' Israel Trip

Twenty-three residents addressed the Council in support of Policy Order #20, which asked City Manager Robert W. Healy to investigate a recent trip by municipal law enforcement officials to Israel.

Councillors Challenge City Manager

After receiving high praise last week for Cambridge’s AAA bond rating, City Manager Robert W. Healy Jr. came under fire at last night’s City Council meeting as councillors and a disgruntled resident questioned his performance.

Council Members Honor Birthday

It’s not every day that a public hearing turns into a celebration filled with food and live music. But that’s what happened at yesterday’s meeting of the Cambridge City Council.