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The festival also included a photo exhibition room which displayed visual works ranging from religious photos to landscape drawings. The works were all done by by local Serbian artists.

Serb Fest

The Serbian Festival came to Cambridge September 17th and 18th to celebrate the Serbian culture through traditional food, music, and dance.

What it Means to Save the Children

Carolyn Miles, who was recently announced as Save the Children's new CEO, speaks at the Harvard Kennedy School on the challenges she faces as president of a non-profit organization. Miles stressed the importance of staying true to an organization's core mission while changing its internal culture through structure.

Stand with Japan

Wearing shirts with the words “Stand with Japan,” audience members listen as Harvard Professors and the Consul General of Japan discuss the earthquake in the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum at the Kennedy School of Government on Mar. 24, 2011.

Year in Photos: FM

The Crimson’s weekly magazine once again offered insight into its stories with photos portraying the student perspective of life at Harvard. FM photo highlights include the Chickwich Challenge, Harvard’s most interesting seniors and hottest freshmen, underground Harvard culture and campus social life at large. Harvard’s cultural sphere extends far beyond the iron gates, and this year’s FM photo coverage brought this multifaceted experience to your door every Thursday morning.

Primal Scream

A Primal Scream participant carries the Adams House flag past a crowd in front of the John Harvard Statue during the first few minutes of Finals Period, joining, among others, skateboarders and a student in a hamburger suit.