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Elbow Create Elegantly Evocative Rock

“Build a Rocket Boys!” is a deeply evocative album, and it works off the concept that the power of lyrics lies not in their meaning but in their relationship with backing music and the vague images and emotions they conjure. This is haunting music that, while indirect in meaning, is potent in effect.

Overly Dark ‘Super’ Unwittingly Undermines its Premise

“Super” is not a movie about a hero; it is rather about the impossibility of one. It illustrates what a superhero would really be like in the modern world and the harm to society that would result from someone stepping into such a role.

Photography Beyond Portraiture

Photographer Berenice Abbott engages in a broader form of portraiture, capturing the various idiosyncrasies of her subjects while preserving her own distinctive artistic style.

Inside Out

“What would you do if you could go anywhere or do anything?” Chris E. Gummerson ’12 asks in her new play, “Inside Out.”