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Tapping into Public Art

The instructions are simple: “Tap Here,” accompanied by the ubiquitous graphic of a Charlie Card. Pat Bordenave, a Boston resident who follows the local art scene, approaches the futuristic kiosks in the Boston Center for the Arts plaza, taps his card, and is bathed in light from a disco ball in response.

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For Visiting Faculty, a Role Reversal

Multiple times a semester, the faculty at the Carpenter Center are charged with filling the building’s concrete shell with a host of works ranging from archived footage and films to curated events in which special guests, themselves veritable giants of the art world, explain their process in the “Artist Talks” series. This constant rotation of artistic material typically showcases the work of those not immediately affiliated with the university. The yearly visiting faculty show, however, gives students a chance to sample their professors’ wares, so to speak, before attending their lectures.

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Pigeons and Silk: Ann Hamilton Discusses Art in Public

Unlike the institutionalized mediums of painting, sculpture, or, more recently, installation, public art is a less common art form.


Delisle’s ‘Jerusalem’ a Compelling Portrait of Conflict Zone

Through the concise visual imagery, the powerful perspective of an outsider, and the narrative that attempts to honestly reflect the quotidian struggles of those impacted by the Arab-Israel conflict, Delisle’s latest travelogue is an eye-opening glimpse into a conflict more famous for its headlines than its human dimension.


Monstrous Doubles

"Monstrous Doubles"comes to the Adams Pool this Friday.


Albarn, Flea & Co. Venture to the Boundaries of Pop Music

Rocket Juice & the Moon takes the listener through a re-interpretation of rap, rock, funk, and afrobeat.


Portrait of an Artist: Lidiya V. Yankovskaya

Conductor Lidiya V. Yankovskaya is music director for Lowell House Opera's upcoming production of "Snegurochka."


Spalding Releases Overambitious and Sprawling Concept Album

Although the album displays Spalding’s strong musicianship and composition, it lacks cohesiveness and emotional depth, and this Jill of all stylistic trades masters none.

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“Innovate” Tour Breaks Down Buzzwords

"Experience Economies 6: Innovate or Die" takes attendees around Boston centers of innovation and highlights the work of artists and scientists.

On Campus

Lemieux Explores the Significance of Objects

Annette Lemieux debuts "Unfinished Business" in the Carpenter Center for Visual Arts