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City and Colour – Boston Calling Spring 2016

Boston Calling 2016: Saturday Sound Bites

The Harvard Crimson reviews the Saturday performances at Boston Calling 2016.

Robyn – Boston Calling Spring 2016

Boston Calling 2016: Robyn

There’s nothing quite like that moment at a concert when you hear the first notes of a song you know by heart, and you start to sing along. In her headlining set at Boston Calling, however, Robyn did not afford her fans many of these moments.

Sia – Boston Calling Spring 2016

Boston Calling 2016: Sia

Pop stars like Sia, it seems, can get by without stage presence.

Sufjan Stevens – Boston Calling Spring 2016

Boston Calling 2016: Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens’s set at Boston Calling on Friday was an elaborate exercise in risk, but all elements came together to create a ridiculous, high-energy romp and the highlight of the weekend’s offerings.

Boston Calling Spring 2016

Boston Calling 2016: Friday and Saturday

Boston Calling is clearly at a crucial juncture in its growth.

Broad City

Broad City: "Jews on a Plane"

Abbi and Ilana’s plane flight feels more like the imaginings of someone who has never flown than a real adult experience.

“The Donkey Show”
Student Groups

State of the A.R.T.

The American Repertory Theater has been the home to professional theater around Harvard's campus since its founding in 1980. The entrance of the Theater, Dance, and Media concentration onto the Harvard stage, however, demands an examination of Harvard’s relationship to the A.R.T. and to the Boston theater community as a whole.

Broad City

Broad City: "Burning Bridges"

Sitting in a bathtub together and getting stoned, Abbi and Ilana confess the secrets they have kept from each other.

Broad City

Broad City: "B&B-NYC"

The theme of the episode might well be described as “surprisingly likable men.”

Broad City

Broad City: "Co-Op"

This wonderfully ridiculous episode is uniquely self-conscious.

The Life of Elves by Muriel Barbery

‘The Life of Elves’ Trades Realism for Fantasy

Despite the occasional awkwardnesses of plot and character that accompany a fantasy story painted with perhaps too broad a brush, “The Life of Elves” is an impressive first attempt at genre and a worthy display of Barbery’s considerable talents.

Broad City

Broad City: "Two Chainz"

Just into 2016, “Broad City” Season 3 already has the best opening scene of the whole year.

1984 at A.R.T.
On Campus

A.R.T.'s Flawed, Compelling '1984'

While the A.R.T.'s adaptation of Orwell's classic novel suffers from flaws in pacing and some suboptimal directorial choices, it is necessary viewing for lovers of the original.

Courtesy of GOOD Music

'The Life Of Pablo': A Gift from a Prodigious Artist

No one less skilled than West could be simultaneously so consummate a megalomaniac and so revered an artist. “The Life of Pablo,” despite its somewhat plagued release, only further establishes West’s resistance to criticism. “Pablo” is a gift, and one shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Like West himself, “The Life of Pablo” is a smorgasbord of discrete elements that, incomprehensibly, integrate to make something worthy of praise.

Jesse Eisenberg at the Brattle Theatre

Jesse Eisenberg at the Harvard Book Store

Jesse Eisenberg was evidently aware of his near-universal recognizability as star of a certain movie about facebook, but in front of his audience at the Harvard Book Store on Nov. 19, he seemed like any other debut fiction author.