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Aemilia M. Phillips

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Ready to Run

On Monday, April 21 more than 36,000 people will run the Boston Marathon. A year after the bombings at the 2013 Marathon, enthusiasm for the race is higher than ever.

Closing the Gates and Opening the Conversation

Two years out, many former Occupy Harvard participants challenge the notion that Occupy “failed.”

In And Around Language: "Hack"

Although “hack” was not intended to have a negative connotation, it has often referred to those who used technology for malicious purposes; specifically, by gaining unauthorized access to certain computers and online information. However this wasn’t always the case, or the original intention of the word.


MYSTIC, Connecticut—The lights on the Charles W. Morgan glitter softly from across the Mystic River as the hulking black ship rocks in the evening light. In the distance a whistle blows, signaling that it’s time for the drawbridge to go up, and for a cluster of white sailboats to cut across into the deep blue Atlantic.


Towards the top of one of the cliffs, I looked away from the crest of Red’s mane and the steep drop below, and turned my eyes to the cerulean blue sky, and the small birds swirling gracefully through the summer air, lazily turning in never ending spirals. For a moment, I was lost, free, dancing with them among the clouds.