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Letter to the Editor: Set the Record Straight on Chelsea Manning

We call upon the Harvard Kennedy School to reinstate Chelsea Manning’s designation as a fellow at the Institute of Politics.


The HUDS Strike Is So Gay

Gayer than brunch, probably.


In Africa, a Queer and Present Danger

If we genuinely want to support the liberation of queer Africans, we have to decenter ourselves from their struggle. We’ve got to respect their leadership – and reject the racist hubris that insists we know more about their own lives than they do.


Dissent: An Unnecessary Investment

As managers of such enormous endowments, institutions like Yale and Harvard have a responsibility to use their resources to further the mission of the institutions. Investing in companies who profit by destroying our future is incompatible with Harvard’s mission.


​Everything Is About Race

We reify white supremacy through exclusion, eviction, and eminent domain, and we reinforce white supremacy by denying it.


​Don’t Trust Bernie Sanders

The most radical thing Sanders could do is acknowledge the hard truth that our political system can never be divorced from oppression.


Creeping Totalitarianism

Conservatives disguise their views in apocalyptic warnings about students of color, but they are the ones weaponizing education and eviscerating intellectual freedom.


The Difficulties of Holiday Dinner

For many who have been directly affected by recent events, going home can be a disembodying change of culture and environment. The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’s placemats help students navigate these difficult conversations.


Africa, Beyond Our Wildest Dreams

We are fixated on colonial power and control, but Africa is not ours to fight over.


Compromising with the Glass Ceiling

Let’s stop using the trope of the conciliatory woman. Bipartisan compromise is great, but compromising with glass ceilings is not.


Midnight Ride

If you see a light in my dorm room, I’m at my desk doing homework on a Friday night. And if you don’t, I’m at my desk doing homework on a Friday night, and I’ve closed the blind because I’m embarrassed.


Politicize Muslim Murders

It is easy to understand whose lives matter in America when politicians are held responsible for some deaths but not others.


Transgender Erasure at Harvard

Of all the words in next year’s readings for Community Conversation, many more than one should be the word “transgender.”