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‘Daredevil’ Devout and Two-Dimensional

Camera shots don't cut from one dynamic picture to the next, as one might expect from a Marvel creation, but stay in close range, circling the action so the viewer doesn't miss anything ugly.

'The Swimmer' Stylized But Empty

Alternately wry and somber, colloquial and lyrical, moving and purposefully vain, the collection can be read on the whole as a portrait of Koethe’s loss of belief in the effectiveness of poetic representation. This argument ultimately highlights for the reader an emptiness that lurks behind Koethe’s highly stylized poetics and profoundly anti-philosophical philosophizing.

Improv Groups Bring Laughs and Camraderie with 'VERI(funny)TAS'

This past weekend, Three Letter Acronym welcomed eight other improv groups—across campus and state (and even country) boundaries—for its first improv festival, "VERI(funny)TAS." Featuring three shows on Oct. 17 and 18, the event hoped to embrace an atmosphere of exchange and collaboration among its participants.

Artist Spotlight: Karole Armitage

Karole Armitage is a world-renowned dancer and choreographer who combines various artistic mediums and styles of movement to create innovative and “modern” dance. She is currently a fellow at Harvard's Radcliffe Institute and spoke with The Crimson about dance and her works.