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The Frontier between the Arts and Sciences: Harvard's Pioneers

Harvard College promises its undergraduates a liberal arts education, but under its online course catalog, departmental classes are categorized under four distinct headings. The widespread ingrained sense of division between the arts and sciences traces back to popular ideas about brain lateralization: The left hemisphere processes logical information, and the right hemisphere, creative. But what of the students interested in studies that fall within the intersection of disciplines?

Artistic Guide to Harvard: Bridges

Harvard’s bridges can be the perfect picture location for the roaming tourists, provide the ideal location to jump into the supposedly safe Charles River, and, most of all, serve as a convenient path for joggers.

BlackCAST Brings Magic to Mainstage

The Harvard Black Community and Student Theater’s latest production, “Black Magic,” which runs from April 1 to 9 at the Loeb Mainstage, is an such extraordinary play that wrestles with the topics of racism, homosexuality, and gender identity with raw and real emotion.

'Gone With the Mind' Strange and Profound

With its honest stream-of-consciousness style and humorous absurdity, “Gone With The Mind” may seem to be about nothing, but its many disjointed ideas combine to make it a unique exploration of the life of an artist and human being in the modern era.