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Artist Spotlight: Kwesi Budu-Arthur, curator of the Paul Dietrich Gallery

Kwesi Budu-Arthur, associate at the Cambridge Seven architecture firm, also acts as the curator of the firm’s art gallery. The Paul Dietrich Gallery is located inside the walls of the firm itself, and it is up to Budu-Arthur alone to curate the exhibits that he and his co-workers work with everyday.

From Governors Ball 2018: Sunday Sound Bites

Performing with strength and fever, the richness of Khalid’s voice entranced his crowd and created a soothing yet energized tone as his set progressed, and Khalid left his crowd content.

Eminem’s Governors Ball Performance Disappoints His Devotees But Nevertheless Entertains

Eminem’s Governors Ball performance was noticeably less exciting than some of the other ones of the night, but Eminem added a spark to the set whenever he performed some of his older classics much to the crowd’s enthusiasm, and he seemed to perform more passionately whenever the crowd was more engaged.

From Governors Ball 2018: Saturday Sound Bites

When Pusha T took to the American Eagle Stage at Governors Ball in a last-minute replacement of the rap group BROCKHAMPTON, cheers of “Fuck Drake!” rang from audience members.

Travis Scott Drives Governors Ball Crowd Into Frenzy

Travis Scott’s Governors Ball performance not only captivated his fans, but seized them with a fervor that was palpable from the moment that Scott took to the stage until the very end of his performance.