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Boston Modern Orchestra Project Image

Boston Modern Orchestra Project Image

Boston Modern Orchestra Project members at NEC’s Jordan Hall.


Boston Modern Orchestra Project’s ‘Time Release’ is a Masterful Display of Musical Juxtaposition

"Time Release” juxtaposed the notion of musical contrast against homophonic unity.

Si Cover Andrea Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli’s ‘Si,’ Though Somewhat Familiar, Is Beautiful

“Si” integrates elements of classical art-song, film scoring and pop music in a way that innovates enough to be as interesting as it is ear-satisfying.

Avanti Nagral
On Campus

Portrait of an Artist: Avanti S. Nagral ’20

Avanti S. Nagral ’20 is a singer, songwriter and performing artist currently studying in the Harvard/Berklee dual degree program — the first person to do so.


35 Years Later, ‘She’s So Unusual’ Still Exudes Youthfulness and Vibrancy

The album still embodies the same dazzling, eccentric freshness as it did 35 years ago, when it was first released.


Parker Quartet Exemplifies the Beauty of Collaborative Performance

The Parker Quartet kicked this year off with their inaugural concert as part of the Blodgett Chamber Music Series.

Propaganda Postcards
Visual Arts

Propaganda Postcards Tell a Story of Societal Fragmentation and Unity

Located in Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, the exhibit “The Art of Influence: Propaganda Postcards from the Era of World Wars” transports viewers back to this time and invites them to perceive the energy, diversity, and gravity of this brusque, now-primitive form of media.