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I’m Scared to Write this Column

Before throwing out the possibility, a sense of guilt gave me pause. If someone doesn’t speak out, will anything change? Shouldn’t I be able to share my views? Harvard is an academic institution, after all, and the exchange of ideas should not be an anxiety-inducing ordeal; it should be foundational to intellectual growth.

A Call to the Administration: A Student Perspective on Next Semester

The administration must take student suggestions, they must not go online in the fall for a traditional semester, and they must choose quickly.

Taking the Toxicity out of Learning During Coronavirus

Times of change are times of growth. As we complete the rest of our semester at home, I hope students note the good differences as well as the bad, and recognize the mentally taxing reality we created for ourselves on campus.

The Trump Bucket: The Perils of Being Conservative at Harvard

While liberal students need to educate themselves and open the dialogue to all views, conservatives need to step up and stand by their opinions. Only then can they destigmatize their beliefs on campus.

Censoring PAFs: The Network Issue

This decision has the unintended consequence of disadvantaging students who need PAF guidance the most and highlights the upper hand given to students entering Harvard with a preexisting network of social connections.

Should Hating Harvard be the Happy Normal?

Be critical in a grateful way. By this I mean eliciting change from a place of love — love of learning, love of school, and love of each other.

Opportunity and Culture: We Need Both for Free Speech

Let’s celebrate the political opportunities available to all of us, but let’s also make sure they make an equal impact on the community and its culture. We can talk as much as we want — but who’s listening?