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Julie Heng

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Science’s Creativity Crisis

This column will examine factors that obscure truth-seeking in scientific research, such as funding mechanisms, irreproducibility, peer review, and barriers to science communication. We must confront how our current academic structures and institutions promote thinking inside the box instead of encouraging scientific daring.

How We Move Forward

If history has taught us anything, it’s that we have incredible possibilities ahead of us — and I look forward to these endless surprises most beautiful.

Journaling Through the Semester

Beyond remembering and analyzing personal uncertainties, I think journaling should inform our interactions with each other. To me, journal entries are micro-experiments, private exercises in empathy, a sort of sparring with oneself.

What Science and Society Owe Each Other

Scientists owe the public the truth — and honesty, when they lack it. But we also owe scientists respect for that honest truth.

What the Presidential Candidates Can Learn from Student Debaters

Debates must prioritize the integrity of truth. If we limit politicians’ opportunities to fall back on ad hominem attacks and well-timed emotional stories, the voters watching won’t be as embarrassed for their country.